6 Things to do in When You Are in Maui 

Maui is home to white-sand beaches with rich marine biodiversity and tropical breezes. Maui is larger than most tourists think and is the second to the largest of the island of Hawaii. It attracts a lot of visitors who repeatedly go to Maui for any holiday vacations because it has the wonders of nature and at the same time, the comfort of a mainland.  

When you are in Maui, it is a natural case that you often wonder what to do because of the numerous options provided to you. So here, we gathered the top 6 activities you can do in Maui: 

1. Try the Zipline Tours 

Since 2002, ziplining has become one of the most popular activities to do in Maui with some 16 zipline courses starting from Haleakala to Kapalua and Kaanapali. This is a thrilling and challenging tour for all walks of life – children to adults; although, most companies would require a standard weigh of at least 80 lbs. 

It is better to be well-equipped and picky when availing for a zip line course. For a grand and safe zip line tour, you can visit our site. They offer a variation of zipline courses that you will enjoy! 


Maui is home to different marine animals, and snorkeling allows you to see and interact with them.  

There are a lot of beautiful places you can go snorkel to. One is in the Molokini Crater, which has a crescent shape, rich marine life, and coral reef, and is located just off the coast of South Maui.  

3. Go Hiking 

Maui has a popular ancient Hoapili which is known for its historical value. You can have a hiking journey to follow the “king’s path”. That is why it is also called King’s Trail. It provides beautiful sights like the black lava formed by the eruption of its volcano, humpback whales, unpeopled Hawaiian villages, and the view of the volcanic coastline.  

4. Go Canoeing 

Some companies/resorts offer to teach you some basics in canoeing for an authentic experience of this activity.  

Do not wonder if your guides start to chant. This is a traditional practice they do to ask permission and blessings from the ocean.  

Canoeing experience will let you see different aquatic animals like turtles, humpback whales, seals, dolphins, and many more! 

5. Go Surfing 

You will not have an authentic Hawaiian experience when you do not surf its beautiful beaches. If you are not a surfer and are afraid of tides, there are a lot of companies that offer surfing lessons. Avail them and have fun dancing with the waves! 

6. Try their farm food 

Most of the tourists stay at the beaches, but just a few go uphill. Maui is rich in agriculture, and you can visit Upcountry to have a taste of their agricultural produce in places like Millhouse Roasting Co., Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm, Maui Brewing Company, and many more. If you love healthy food, then this activity is best for you! 

You can even visit the pineapple plantation of Maui. 

Other fun activities include helicopter tours, kayaking, sunset watching, and seeing traditional stuff in Luau. 

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